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Registration for the 2023 Fall Nemesis Club Field Lacrosse and Women’s Field Lacrosse season is NOW OPEN!


What’s the difference between Club Field Lacrosse and Women’s Field Lacrosse?

Both Club LAX and Women’s LAX are fast, intense games that rely on physical stamina and exceptional hand-eye coordination, however there are some differences in style of play and the type of gear you’ll need. Club LAX allows checking, thus helmets, mouth guards, shoulder and elbow pads, and gloves are all standard in Club LAX, whereas in Women’s LAX, checking is not allowed therefore most female players wear goggles and mouth guards, while helmets and protective padding are reserved for goalies. The sticks used in each discipline are also different and Club LAX has 10 players on the field, whereas Women’s LAX has 12 players. There are also differences in field size, set-up and gameplay.

What if I have never played before, can I still play for Nemesis?

Definitely! The Ottawa Nemesis Lacrosse Club promotes a welcoming environment and a love of the sport. There is a place for everyone in our organization.

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