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Non Contact – Small Sided Games for Training, Tempo and Touches!


Playing 3v3 on a space of 40 X 20 yards is one of the most important things a young lacrosse player can do. It allows them to draw from other sports, while also forcing them to play up-tempo and maximize their creativity and teamwork! The teams will consist of 3 players on the field, and no more than 3 on the bench, to keep a players time on the field of play at a high level.



Designed by former University of Hartford Men’s Lacrosse Coach, Peter Lawrence, Trashcan Lacrosse is designed to help players excel in all aspects of the game. All possessions are 2v1 (or 3v2), which promotes ball movement and creativity from all players. While the tempo and touches stay high, the players have fun without even realizing they are training. Furthermore, with no out of bounds, it teaches players the added benefit of hustling after the ball!