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Nemesis Lacrosse Club – Field Lacrosse

The Nemesis Lacrosse Club is a travel LAX club committed to growing field lacrosse in the National Capital Region. Serving Ottawa, Kemptville, Gatineau and the Seaway, Nemesis strives to provide outstanding coaching to improve field lacrosse skills and game-play knowledge for all who join.

Many of our Alumni have gone on to play Varsity Lacrosse at University and Colleges in Canada and the US, and as a travel club, the Nemesis can help those new players who strive for these goals, while building a strong foundation and respect for the sport.

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Nemesis Lacrosse Club – Women’s Field Lacrosse

As North America’s fastest growing sport, the Ottawa Nemesis Lacrosse Club is pleased to offer a Women’s Field Lacrosse program in addition to our Club program.

With an emphasis on fast-pace, polished skills, and minimal protective equipment, Women’s Field Lacrosse is quick, enjoyable and economical too.

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