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We are a Field Lacrosse Club serving Ottawa, Ontario and the surrounding Capital Region!

The Core Principles
The SIX T’s

Tempo: We believe the game should be played at a fun, uptempo pace, in which players learn to make confident decisions by reading and reacting to the situations on the field of play!

Touches: Simply put, we emphasize how important it is for players of any age to get as many touches of the ball as possible. The game is kind to those who work at it!

Teamwork: Learning to work as a team is essential for success on the field, and off of it in life. Our players are part of many teams, including their families, their community and their schools. We believe sports is a great avenue to learn how to be a member of one’s community.

Toughness: Sure being strong is important, but we focus on the mental toughness of our athletes. We will challenge them to go out of their comfort zone and help them develop the mental toughness they need for sport and life!

Teaching: A key component to any athlete’s development is receiving the proper coaching and instruction. We strive to meet your players at their level, and work with them to improve their skills, one step at a time.

Training: We believe that small sided games, combined with focused skill based training, is the right recipe for on field success for any athlete.